Lecco Grison's, textile accessories
Lecco Grison's SL

Lecco Grison's, textile accessories

Lecco Grison's SL

We recommend LECCO, a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of thermo-adhesive textile products.

In LECCO they offer in their catalog diverse articles of great quality: of cut cinteria, accessories of haberdashery, confection, crafts, textile complements ... In the following link you will be able to see all their downloads.

You can contact LECCO at the following link. LECCO is a manufacturer and distributor of central Catalonia of thermo-adhesive elbow pads / knee pads as well as applications, motifs or thermo-adhesive shields such as embossed or embossed labels, woven and embroidered labels. Other of its products are: clothing markers, repair parts, thermo-adhesive tapes ...

Some of LECCO's services:Laser cutting,Heat cutting,Cold cutting,ResinCustom applications

Lecco Grison's, textile accessories


C/ Navarcles, 19, PI “Els Dolors” 08243 Manresa, (Barcelona) SPAIN

T: +34 938 74 42 55 F: +34 938 74 32 61

E-mail: lecco@lecco.es


+34 93 827 24 86
C/ Doctor Antoni Vila, 53 08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)