Purification and water deposits
Resmat, S.L.

Purification and water deposits

Resmat, S.L.

Resmat is a manufacturing company in the water treatment sector.
Manufactures the following products: septic tanks, compact filter pit, total oxidation, MBR, gray water tanks, grease separator, hydrocarbon separator, sand separator, rainwater collection tanks, drinking water tanks, drinking water tanks , GRP tanks. pumping wells, modules for piglets, cadaver hydration pits, G-60, rough grilles, circular automatic grids, endless sieves, UV lamps and chlorines.

All its products are distributed nationally and internationally.

Purification and water deposits


Pol. Ind. Sta Maria C/ Sant Jordi, 60
08271 Artés (Barcelona) 
Tel.: 93 830 50 16 / 93 830 55 80
Fax: 93 830 57 04
Email: resmat@resmat.net


+34 93 827 24 86
C/ Doctor Antoni Vila, 53 08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)